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Get-A-Life Care and Value initiative (GACAVI) was established in 2018 and registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria in 2019 by Ntuenibok Happiness OK -ijeruh S. 

The establishment of the organization is propelled by the desire to support and contribute to women’s emancipation and social inclusion in our society; to bring an end or drastic reduction in the dehumanising treatment women and girls suffer in most communities of Nigeria which has continued to make women look inferior and insecure in a world where women are supposed to be respected or supported for their contributions in building many homes. The founder of ‘Get A Life Care and Value initiative’ has a special interest in addressing the problem of socio-economic burden, gender violence and abuses faced by women and girls in most parts of Nigeria. 

The founder believes that women’s voice should be heard and their dignity respected thus enabling them to maximize their full potentials as contributions to national development which is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In the bid to realize this mandate, the organization shall collaborate and network with other relevant organizations and government institutions. One of our top priority as an organization is to give back to society.​

— Our Mission

“Get a Life Care and Value Initiative” envisions a world in which every Woman is educated, protected, respected, valued, and be empowered  to turn the tide of poverty.

As the most effective strategy to tackle poverty and inequality, Get A Life Care and Value Initiative multiplies educational opportunities for women/ girls and empowers young women to become leaders of change. Our focus is on Women  and children  in rural areas of  Africa. This is where girls face acute disadvantage and where their empowerment will have a trans formative impact to the society at Large.

— Our Objectives

To coach and Mentor Women and girls to be independent.

  • Women Empowerment and Skills Training
  • Eradication of Domestic violence against women and children
  • Advocating for Gender Equality and Girl Child Education.
  • Providing counseling and support for rape victims.
  • Mentoring, coaching and training of women.
  • Sensitizing and educating women and girls on the knowledge of sexual and gender-based violence and human trafficking.
  • To empower and invest in women and girls educationally and socially in order to contribute to poverty reduction
  • To improve the health and general well-being of women and girls by facilitating their access to information and to clinical services on malaria, sexual and reproductive health and rights matters
  • To increase the participation of women in peace processes and leadership positions through engagement of stakeholders.
  • To support women in politics.
  • To improve the status of women and empower them to address their gender needs.
  • To provide a uniform platform of advocacy for resolving of social issues and eradicating

inequalities at grass-root levels, for policy-level changes.

About the Founder

Happiness is a twin who grew up in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria.

Happiness is a twin who grew up in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria. Woman! Get Your Life Back is her first book. Happiness holds a degree in public Administration and currently she is running a master’s degree program in public administration and humanitarian studies.

Before woman Get A Life Initiative ,she spent time and years training, coaching and mentoring individuals in the Nysc and Port Harcourt in general, because she was lucky to win the best Nysc members in skill acquisition  program in RIVERS STATE during the batch A 2014/2015 section Get A Life initiative trained 30 women during the last international women’s day.

Get A Life Initiative has trained so many orphans in skill acquisition, and many children have gained admission in to school as a result of the help of Happiness. ( founder) Happiness is the CEO of THE NGO GET A LIFE INITIATIVE.

What We Do

— Charity

We are very passionate about helping people; as an organization, we give more preference to women and children especially because they occupy a very special position in our hearts. We’ll never grow weary doing it.

— Skills Acquisition

In today’s world, certificates alone no longer performs the usual magic nor land anyone their dream job like it used to; So we have designed  some special programmes to help women acquire skills. Take advantage!

— Agriculture

Because we know exactly the direction where the world is headed between now and the next ten years. This is reason why we have decided to involve more women into Agriculture to help them prepare for  the new wave. 

— Empowerment

Our empowerment programs are 100% focused on the total growth of the total woman and the ‘Girl-child’; helping them to rediscover and understand themselves better, through education and mentorship.

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