Get-A-Life Care and Value initiative (GALCAVI) was established in 2018 and  registered with the corporate affairs commission  of Nigeria  in 2019 by Ntuenibok Happiness  OK -ijeruh S. The establishment of the organization is propelled by the desire to support and contribute to women’s emancipation and social inclusion in our society; to bring an end or drastic reduction  in the dehumanizing treatment women and girls suffer in  most communities of Nigeria which has continued to make women look inferior and insecure in a world where women are supposed to be respected or supported for their contributions in building many homes. The founder of Get A Life care and value  initiative has special interest in addressing the problem of socio economic burden, gender  violence and abuses faced by women and girls in most parts of Nigeria. The founder believes that women’s voice should be heard and their dignity respected thus enabling them to maximize their full potentials as contributions to national development which is in line with the sustainable Development Goals. In the bid to realize this mandate, the organization shall collaborate and network with other relevant organizations and government institutions.


Get a life care and value Initiative envisions a world in which every Woman is educated, protected, respected ,valued, and be empowered  to turn the tide of poverty.

As the most effective strategy to tackle poverty and inequality, Get A Life care and value Initiative multiplies educational opportunities for women/ girls and empowers young women to become leaders of change. Our focus is on Women  and children  in rural areas of  Africa. This is where girls face acute disadvantage and where their empowerment will have a trans formative impact to the society at Large.

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